November 3, 2014

TRAVELLING NOTEBOOK: Smash my mailbox #3 - Ninni's notebook sneak peek

It has already been over two weeks since I sent Ninni's notebook on its way to Emilienne, but this project is too much fun not to blog about it! The front of Ninni's notebook says Journal, and so I used it that way. I rediscovered the fun of journalling, keeping a diary and just rambling away about your day, your feelings, etc. Writing is so much fun! Come and take a look.

In Ninni's notebook, I kept a journal for seven days straight. This was quite the challenge, just getting yourself to write every evening. But in sharing something about my day I cleared my head and felt more relaxed when I went to bed.

Next to my so-called diary, I filled some pages with lists, recipes and other things I just really like to write about. I also used a different colored fineliner each day, and I like to think the colors in the journal represent how I felt that day. Colors do that.

Yup, of course some doodling and handlettering went on in the notebook. And it wouldn't be a proper contribution with my name on it when I did not use washi (lots) and stickers (lots). Even though to me this notebook was more about writing than about artsyfartsy stuff, I still had a lot of fun just decorating some pages.

Like I mentioned in my previous Smash my mailbox post, this again triggered me to do something with (art) journalling for myself. Somehow I find it difficult to take the first step with that, maybe I work better with a certain assignment. When I open a blank notebook of my own the first page keeps looking at me very intimidating. Might be my perfectionism saying hi. Does anyone else experience this?

Well, just one last picture to drive Ninni crazy ;-) Who does not want to open this notebook and take a peek, right? I love how the pages wrinkle a little from the ink, paper crafts and glue. It gives the notebook character.

I wonder what my own notebook looks like right now, but I'm sure it's getting filled with happy things! Next up is Kaylah's notebook, hopefully it will arrive soon!


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  1. You made really pretty pages, it was great to read them! Thank you!