January 6, 2016

OUTGOING: C is for Cuba

Hello dear readers! I hope you have had a splendid New Year's Eve and I wish you all a very inspirational and creative 2016!

It has been a while, in between work, work and work (and some more work) I made the trip of my life: in November me and the boyfriend went to Cuba for three weeks! So obviously, my next letter in the chain of the ABC-snailmail project I am doing with Ingrid had to be themed: C is for Cuba. Yup, took me some time to make and write everything...but hey, that's what it's called snailmail for, right?

This snailmail was more of a long letter and sharing my travel stories and experiences with Ingrid kind of thing, rather than a artsyfartsy crafty package. I printed six of my favorite pictures from our trip, which I used to decorate some writing sheets. I basically took Ingrid on a tiny Cuba-tour through my stories, and told her about weird, funny and beautiful things that happened to us during our time in Cuba.

I also wrote Ingrid a letter, which actually was not really about Cuba but more of a reply to her last letter. It became quite long, like I already mentioned...quite some time passed since I last wrote to her! You have to trust me on my word that my writing sheets were quite fancy. I collected all kinds of Cuba-related illustration from the internet and printed them on some nice paper. In my enthusiasm I closed the envelope before taking pictures... Oh, the Che Guevara photo is one I made in Havana (quite the obligatory picture when you're there, I wonder how many tourists took the same one!) I stuck the photo into one of those nice Hema mini cards, on the inside it says "Hola!"

And obviously there had to be baker's twine and some white pen on kraft paper, right? Plus, I used all kinds of colored paper, which actually has a thought behind it: Cuba is the most colorful place I have ever visited, literally and figuratively speaking. Its people, its architecture, its history and its nature...just WOW.

What was your favorite travel destination ever?


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