September 26, 2015

INCOMING: B is for Batman

About a month ago, Ingrid and I started our ABC-snailmail project. I sent Ingrid a strawberry themed package, and a couple of days ago it was my turn to find this envelope in my very happy mailbox!

Yup, that's right! I received this super cool Batman snailmail! Such an original theme, and I just LOVE the combination of black, white and yellow.

When you follow Ingrid's blog, you will know she is the uncrowned queen of homemade stationery. Her blog bursts with great tips for making your own stationery. For this snailmail, she printed her own Batman paper for the gift envelope, and I am guessing the cool Batman sticker is homemade to. And confetti is always a good idea.

Speaking of homemade stationery and cute paper gifts, these Batman quote labels are super cool! She packed three of them in the snailmail package.

I am already contemplating my C-theme, I have got some big (Batman) shoes to fill!



  1. Wauw, wat een prachtig compliment. Dankjewel! Fijn dat Batman goed terecht is gekomen, haha.

  2. Hey from Germany,

    I just came across your blog (I found it through Pinterest) and I have to say I LOVE all your letters. You are such a creative person and all your pen pals are really lucky. I will check back on your blog every now and then now to get some inspiration! Keep on the amazing work ♥

    If you want you can have a look at my snail mail blog as well although I just get started and only showed my incoming mail so far (and will rearrange everything to make it look nicer!) I plan on showing projects and ideas as well :) And finally my outgoing mail :D

    1. Hey Sabrina, thanks for your comment! So sorry about replying this late...somehow it slipped my attention. Hope you had a guten Rutsch :-)

      Love your blog as well, will add it to my reading list!