September 1, 2015


August was a good month for snailmail. First of all, I started writing with four new penpals, which is so much fun! I love getting to know some new awesome people from across the globe (some close, some very very far away) through letter writing. Secondly: SUMMERTIME! I wrote a lot of letters outside (preferably sipping some Sauvignon Blanc, just because). Every now and then I received some curious stares from our neighbours, still not sure if those were about the amounts of washi or the amounts of white wine. And, best of all: I started blogging again. I have absolutely no idea how often I will start posting, but fact is I missed blogging and taking pictures of the beautiful letters I receive. My intention is to at least try to post a recap of incoming and outgoing mail every month, and the post you are reading right now is a good start!

Ok, to be honest: this one was sent on July 27th :-) My first letter to my new penpal Vikkie from Norway! I went a little crazy with the washi tape and used some nice patterned Flying Tiger paper, always a winner.

My new penpal Ingrid received the first letter of our abc-snailmail project: A for Aardbeien (the dutch word for strawberries). If you'd like to have a closer look, check the whole thing out here. I am looking forward to her B-themed letter already!

Friendship blanket
One of my Instagramfriends Louisette (check out her Instagram, her pictures are adorable!) is making a friendship blanket. She is collecting granny squares people send her, and I decided to join in. Such a fun and creative project! I am considering to start making a friendship blanket myself, I absolutely love the idea! If you would like to send me a granny square, please let me know!

Could not send this without a nice note obviously, so I made her a simple card as well. I am already looking forward to see Louisette's finished blanket!

What did you send last month?



  1. Zo leuk dat je weer begonnen bent met bloggen! Je maakt prachtige dingen, die zijn zeker een plaats op het internet waard. Ik ben druk aan het brainstormen over de B. Wordt vervolgd :-)

    1. Wat lief!
      Ik ben benieuwd naar je post :-)

  2. Hello! I just discovered your blog through Pinterest and I love it! There is much more for me to read but before going any further I would like to let you know that I would love to mail you a Granny square. Please email me to let me know if you care for any colors in particular... - by the way I live in Mexico! I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it's so nice to meet awesome people through social media like Pinterest and Instagram :-) I will send you an e-mail right away!