September 19, 2015

INSPIRATION: 3x flipbook

The past few weeks were all about flipbooks! I have actually made three of them, all very different but all very (if I might say so) lovable. Prepare for a picture overload...

These cute booklets are the best for using up scraps from other crafty projects, for these three booklets just to sum up a few I have used scraps of cardboard, patterned paper, doilies, wallpaper samples, yarn and plastic bags from stickers and postcards. One might think my craft desk is one crazily cleaned up place right now, but unfortunately nothing is less true.

Anyway, the first booklet I made went to Mariska. Probably the most colorful one, I have used so many different kinds of patterns!

And some pictures of the inside, a booklet filled with small cards and bags, paper goodies and of course my letter to Mariska.

The booklet I sent to Vikkie in Norway was kind of vintage/brocante style. Not really my 'signature style' but I loved to play with it for a bit.

A peek inside: lots of different flower patterns, shades of pink and gold.

My booklet for Rinske is a mix of this snailmail folder I made last year, and a flipbook. Bright pink and mint green, always a winning combination (and my favorite!), paired with some bright hints of yellow and gold.

As you can see, by making a folder I could stick my letter and some paper goodies inside the booklet, and for the 'flip effect' I simply used a small patterned paper bag and some washi.

Bonus: on my Instagram you will find the flipbooks in 'live action'. Please do tag me in your pictures if you decide to make a booklet like this yourself, I would love to see all of your creations!


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