September 23, 2015

FRIENDSHIP BLANKET: The start of something new

In my OUTGOING: August blogpost, I mentioned sending Louisette a granny square for her friendship blanket. I was so charmed by the idea of a friendship blanket, that I immediately felt my hands itching to start working on a friendship blanket myself. Well, 'working'...because you guys do all the work and I have an awesome puzzle once I collected enough grannies for a blanket.

So two weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram of the gorgeous granny square Louisette sent me back as a thank you, asking people for participating in my very own friendship blanket. And seriously you guys: I have been overwhelmed by the response of people I don't actually know in real life, but just through letters or the internet. It's just heartwarming, I have no other words for it.

A combination of crochet and snailmail: what is not to love? I am going to post about my friendship blanket progress on my blog every now and then, and I decided to post a small granny square request here as well: 

Dear, dear reader of my blog, are you a lover of crochet and snailmail, and would you like to contribute to my friendship blanket? Please contact me at 365daysofsnailmail [at] or through Instagram. I prefer cotton grannies (this will make it easier to join them eventually), but other than that I have no special wishes. Go crazy with colors and patterns, I am looking forward to receive your creative outbursts in my mailbox!

And obviously, you will receive a granny square back :-)



  1. Ik heb mijn bloglovin' de laatste tijd heeeel weinig geopend! En dat deed ik net en zag ik mijn naam opeens staan ;) Veel succes met je vriendschapsdeken!!

    1. Haha toevallig! Jij ook veel succes met je deken, ik ben superbenieuwd naar het eindresultaat!