August 25, 2014

OUTGOING MAIL: Happy snailmail folder

On Pinterest and several Instagram accounts I came across some pictures of beautiful folders to send to your penpals. The basic concept is super easy, and the result is just too cute to send. So I decided to give it a try, and one week ago I sent my first snailmail folder off to my Aussie penpal Zoe.

Well, as mentioned, the basic idea is pretty simple! I used a piece of A4 patterned cardstock, and because the paper was pretty thick, I rilled the lines I wanted to fold first. That way, it's easier to fold neatly. I folded the paper in half widthwise and made a lengthwise fold to create a pocket (I made it so that it fitted a regular C5 envelope, but you can size it any way you like). I put washi tape around all the edges for decoration and a little reinforcement. I used the left side of the folder for some goodies, and the right side to put my letter in. For the letter, I used some recycled paper which I decorated with, of course, washi tape from, of course, HEMA.

I answered Zoe's mailtag questions from her last letter, and added a new mailtag. Both on small washi-decorated red writing sheets, written on my typewriter.

In the left side of the pocket I put some goodies in the same colortheme as the folder and decorations. With her last letter, Zoe sent me a very cute small envelope with geometrical bits and pieces on it. I thought it really fitted the theme of my folder, so I decided to reuse it: I put some washi samples and neon highlight stickers in it. Another gift I added is a small envelope I folded from Flow magazine paper. 

I kept the decoration of the folder easy and simple: from scraps of the same paper as the folder I punched some decorations and glued them on the pocket and on the outside of the letter.

I like to add bunting wherever I can, it gives an instant happy and festive look! Easy does the trick: I cut some triangles, glued them into the folder and with my white Signo Uni-ball pen I drew a line. 

I wrapped up the folder with some neutral colored baker's twine and a grey button, I thought it didn't need much more. I like the result, I hope Zoe does too!

I am definitely going to create more of these folders, it's such an easy and fun way to send mail around the world! You can go as crazy as you like with the decorations, the possibilities with this are endless. 


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