August 14, 2014

TRAVELLING NOTEBOOK: Smash My Mailbox #1 - Off you go

Yay, I'm participating in such a fun project! My dear Finnish penpal Ninni (we have been writing for almost two years!) initiated the idea of a travelling notebook round robin. Me, her, and three other girls (Emilienne from France, Kaylah from the US and Sarah from Canada) will each be sending a notebook around to be filled with nice words and beautiful decorations. We called this round robin Smash My Mailbox, because some mailboxes are definitely going to be smashed with happy notebooks. Yesterday, I sent my own empty notebook on its way to Emilienne. Let's have a look at the first pages...

I bought a plain ruled notebook (A5) with sturdy kraft cardboard cover at HEMA (where else?!) and because I just love the look of kraft paper I decided not to 'overdo' the cover. I used cream colored rub-on stickers with a lace-like/vintage look and wrote the theme of my notebook in fake-calligraphy. 

I would like to send some positivity around the world, and so I asked the other participants to fill my notebook with happiness. Just to give them some inspiration, on the first page I wrote down a couple of questions (kind of like a mailtag), added my likes (long list!) and dislikes (very short list) when it comes to decorations and in case the notebook gets lost I wrote down my address. I used the inside of the cover to explain a little bit about my expectations and why I chose this theme. This was the first time I used my typewriter, and I loved it! 

Hopefully my notebook gets to Emilienne safe in a few days. When everything goes as planned, I should be getting my notebook back from Sarah sometime late December/early January. Fingers crossed it does not get lost in the postal system! I am sooo much looking forward to a beautifully decorated, fully written notebook, can't wait!


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  1. Waiting my turn to fill some happy things in your notebook!