August 13, 2014

OUTGOING MAIL: Picture perfect

My penpal Rinske has got an awesome new camera, which she has been kind of addicted to since she received it for her birthday last month. When I saw the black and white photo (by Anton Corbijn) on the cover of NRC Deluxe magazine, I knew I wanted to use it for mail to Rinske. At first, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but since the paper was so beautifully thick and glossy, I decided to use it for an envelope.

I cut the cover in a square and used self-adhesive tape to stick it to a piece of black and white patterned paper from a Flying Tiger notepad. I covered the sides with golden/kraft colored washi tape and used blue washi tape for the address.

I wanted to stay in the black and white/photography theme, so I assembled some postcards that matched this theme, as well as some stickers from Flow magazine with black and white photos. I particularly love the Keri Smith postcard; it depicts an empty parking lot in grey shades and it invites you to decorate it with whatever you like. I thought that to be a fun project for Rinske!

I used decorated kraft paper from Flying Tiger as writing sheets, and pimped them with some washi tape that matched the color scheme of the letter.

And then of course the fun part of letter writing (I LOVE long letters and if I don't stop myself I could ramble on for pages and pages). I also wrote a mailtag with my favorite white pen (Signo Uni-ball) on black cardstock. I put it all together with a fun paperclip.

Hope you enjoyed my first post on my brand new blog! Until next time!


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