August 18, 2014

OUTGOING MAIL: Typically dutch postcard

A few months back I bought some pretty cute typically dutch postcards. I have been wanting to use them for snailmail ever since, but I love writing long letters and postcards don't really have enough space for that. I stitched in some extra writing sheets, and I am quite excited about the result, so I thought I'd share some photos and a little how-to.

So first things first: my lovely postcard! I guess the photo speaks for itself. Looks pretty damn cute right? And I just love the matching envelope.

Since the postcard mostly has blue-ish colors, I used two pieces of thin light blue paper as extra writing sheets (A4). I folded the paper in half, en slipped them into the postcard. I measured 1/4 from both edges of the card and put a needle through. I used dark blue thread to 'stitch' (this really isn't proper stitching, just putting some things together with thread) everything together. Make sure you don't pull too tight, the thread could cut your paper. Lastly, I cut along the edges of the card to make the writing sheets the right size.

I happened to have some paper with a dutch theme lying around as well, which matched my postcard perfectly. I always love sending some little gifts with my letters, so I made a small paper bag out of the patterned paper and put some flower stickers (do I spot a tulip there?!) in it.

I like experimenting with handlettering and different fonts, and I like how the inside of the postcard turned out. The washi tape really helped me writing in a straight line neatly.

I (obviously) decorated every writing sheet with washi tape. I mean, what is a letter without washi really? I couldn't go without! The flower patterned tapes are from HEMA, I'm not sure where I bought the red one. I thought these washi tapes went pretty well together, it gives everything a bit of a 'folklore' touch.

And well, that's pretty much it! A perfect solution for a lack of writing space in your postcards. I am definitely doing this more often!


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