August 15, 2014

OUTGOING MAIL: I just love my typewriter

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently bought a typewriter. It cost me a whopping three euros, plus a new ink ribbon (which will probably last a lifetime). I decided to give my 'new' gadget a try in my letter to Mariska, and I can honestly say typewriters are addictive!

Still in love with all of the pretty patterned paper from Flying Tiger, I chose an orange sheet with cute pink hearts to type my letter on. The paper is also quite thin, which works great in a typewriter. I still have to figure some things out (especially the spacing), and I definitely need to get used to not having a backspace! Let's just say I am happy I bought correction fluid a couple of days ago.

Oh, I just love how letters written on a typewriter instantly have this retro charm about them. Finally getting the hang of it, I wanted to get a little more creative. I 'decorated' two kraft labels, which was quite a challenge. It's close to impossible to put tiny pieces of paper into a typewriter, so I used some washi to stick the labels to plain A4 paper. With a little patience (not my best quality) I managed to get this into the typewriter. I typed 'hello' repeatedly (how inspirational, right?) on one label, and the alphabet on the other. I quite like the result!

So far so good. For an extra retro feel, I selected a small postcard from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. It physically hurts everytime I tear something out of this book. Seriously. Who else experiences this? I used the Postfabriek tutorial on how to make an envelope with a front pocket to make a pink envelope. I found out my spatial ability is not developed that well, it took my quite some time (and paper) to get it right. But I figured it out eventually, so I patted myself on the back for that afterwards. I put my letter and the decorated labels in the envelope, and the postcard in the front pocket.

Last but not least, I put the envelope in a transparent cellophane bag. The bag was a bit oversized, so I used another sheet of the pretty Flying Tiger paper as a background. Sealed the bag, put a stamp and an address label on it, and sent it off to Deventer!


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  1. I also had a typewriter some years back but unfortunately I thought that I don´t need it and decided to sell it... It is really great with letters though and this piece of mail is beautiful! And same here, my Book for paper lovers is still untouched. I need to take it in use too!