August 22, 2014

OUTGOING MAIL: Squash card

Sometimes you come across a tutorial you want to do over and over and over again. The squash card tutorial below, by Craftinggeek is one of those (subtitles in English are available for this video).

Although I do not speak a word of Spanish at all, the moment I watched this video, I wanted to make this card myself. Again, and again, and again. And so I did.

Although I very much like the idea of a squash card with different segments to decorate, I wanted to write a long letter. I used three squares of green paper, 15cm each side. When you fold the paper, you are left with squares of about 7,5 cm each side. I used washi tape in different pink/green tones and patterns along the sides of the paper, but other than that I did not use any decorations so I had a lot of writing space left.

The folding is SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, when everything fits together, great feeling! Anyone can make this, I have two left hands and managed to get it right at the first try. Now try applauding yourself with two left hands.

Anyway, since I did not have any patterned/colored cardstock that I liked enough for this project, for the squash cards' covers I cut two 9x9cm squares from plain cardboard. When I glued them onto the 7,5x7,5cm letter, I had nice edges of about 1,5cm.

As you can see, I left the inside of the covers blank, just because I like the natural look of brown cardstock. I did decorate the outside though, with cherry-patterned paper. It has the same colors as the inside of the squash card; green and pink.

I finished this cute little project with a light pink label and some bakers twine. This also made me realise I probably need bakers twine in all possible colors. I love how this squash card turned out, and I will definitely make many, many more of these in the (near) future.



  1. Wat een origineel idee! Schattig zo'n klein pakketje, en wat heb je een mooi handschrift zeg. Bakers twine heb je inderdaad nooit genoeg, ideaal knutselmateriaal.

  2. Wat leuk deze manier van vouwpost! Heel cute :)

  3. Dank voor de complimentjes! Je kunt alle kanten op met zo'n vouwkaartje! Als verjaardagskaartje, een minifotoboekje, noem maar op, vind het zo'n leuk idee! :-)